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Wake up to a new world of possibilities!

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Our story

We want to transform English teaching

SDX Languages was born out of a mission to transform the teaching of English and unlock fluency in all those who experience difficulties in the learning process and who, regardless of the reason, need to master the language quickly and effectively.


Don't wait to stand out globally.

Developed with the premise of initially unlocking English in 18 months, the methodology created by SDX Languages founder Simone Rigby was constantly revised and studied, based on the reports of her students, until it arrived at what it is today: the best version of unlock your English in up to 3 months.

"I really wanted to go to the USA, but I never had the courage because of the English language (I didn't know anything), so I decided to enroll. I studied for 3 months, every day, and got the confidence I needed to finally travel abroad. I went and had a fantastic experience!"

Paula Roberta


"I was referred to a course in the USA and started studying English intensively for 3 months. The initial fear and insecurity were completely understandable, but my intensive practice over the previous months mitigated the difficulties and favored my performance, guaranteeing me 2nd place at the end of the course."


Military Police Colonel

"At the beginning of the course, I was very unsure about the method, because I had always studied using the traditional method. Then, as I progressed through the course, I realized that this repetitive method really is much more effective for people to speak English quickly and fluently."

Aires Silva
Federal Police

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